In their head – Time for a change

“I need a new job.  I’m sick of operations.  All I ever hear are complaints.  No one ever calls up and says “Hey, just wanted to let you know I my computer started and I got all my email today with no problems!” 

“People don’t realize how much work it takes to keep things running.  They figure if things are going well, computers just take care of themselves.  When everything’s going smoothly, that just means that we must have time to add more systems, and keep those running too.  And when we add things, we never get to shut anything down to make time to run the new stuff. 

“Of course, the people who screw up and let their systems go down, they’re the ones that are heroes, because they solve problems!  That must be how my boss got promoted.  Sure isn’t because he knows what he’d doing.

“Besides, I’m tired of running things other people build.  I wanna make something, stop being a tool.”

In their head - Time for a change

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