In their head – Noveau riche

“MegaMillions is up to $73 million.  $73 million over 20 years is more than 3 and a half million a year.  Even after taxes, there’ll still be almost $2 mil a year left. That’s fuck-you money, for sure.  Why not spend a buck to buy the right to dream?.

“Let’s see.  I’ve had three marriages.  No, that’s not a lucky number.  My birthday is July 17.  That’s 7 and 17.  Tom Brady is number 12.  He’s a winner.  Three more numbers to go.  I’m 52, I guess I can use that.  Umm…  this bar of Ivory soap is 99 44/100% pure.  I can only use 1 through 56.  Hank Aaron was number 44.  OK, that works.  One more.  It’s 3:52.  I could use 52.  But there’s 3 again.  Maybe that’s a sign.  Aw, what the hell, it doesn’t matter anyways.  3 it is.  Might as well use that as the Mega Ball. 

“So 7, 12, 17, 44, 52, and 3.  First thing I’m gonna do when I win is quit my job.  But not until I go in and let everybody know they can’t push me around anymore.  Boy, that’d be great.  Then I’m gonna go on a trip.  I’ll need to get away from all the people who’ll be asking me for money.  Maybe Bermuda.  Or Hawaii.  Somewhere with a beach.”

In their head - Noveau riche

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