In their head – Rushing home

“Almost home.  Only 10 minutes left, 8 if I walk faster.  Almost time to hit those rocks.  I can almost feel the rush now. 

“If I light the cigarette now, I’ll have the ashes ready for when I get there.  I can carry the ashes in the wrapper from the pack.  Gotta get the lighter.  Whoops – almost pulled the rocks out of my pocket.  Better be more careful.

“Don’t need to pick up a bottle, there’s a water bottle at home.  Still have foil left too.  Pin’s in the kitchen drawer, along with the X-acto knife to cut a holes for the mouthpiece and the choke.  I’ll be ready to go just as soon as I get home.

“I’ll take my boots off after the first hit.  I can clean the floors later.

“Shit.  My hands are shaking.  I want that hit now.  6 minutes…”

In their head - Rushing home

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