In their head – Protect and serve

“Why is that guy running?  Who’s that chasing him? Hey!  He’s got a knife!

“When I took this job I never thought I’d ever actually be in any danger.  I figured I’d just stand around a lot, give people directions, or maybe chase a shoplifter every once in a while.  They don’t pay me enough to put myself at risk just because some moron has to pick a fight in my lobby.

“Hey!  Now they’re coming over here! I have to do something.  Do what?  I’m staying behind the counter.  What if the first guy tries to hide behind the counter? What if he thinks I’m going to help? Maybe they’ll just zoom on by.  Keep going!  Great!  Now head for the door.  Watch out!  Oh shit. Why did he have to run into that woman?  He’s got him now.  I’ve really got to do something.  Oh shit.  Here goes….”

Protect and serve

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