In their head – Thinking it through

I have no faith.  None at all.

I don’t believe in a supreme being.  How could there be one?  Any so-called god would impose a lot more structure on us that actually exists.  If there’s no discernable link between our actions and god’s reaction, then either there’s no god, or god has no interest in our actions, which amounts to the same thing.

I have no faith in other people.  You can’t count on anyone to do what you predict.  They always have their own interests, or they’re having a bad day or not feeling well.

I have no faith in the natural world.  How can you know the sun will come up tomorrow?  How do you know for sure that if you release an apple it will fall to the ground?  Just because it always has doesn’t mean that it always will.  And what about magic?

I have no faith that anything I do will have any result, let alone the one I want.  So I do nothing.

In their head - Thinking it through

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