Will Brad Delp be there?

Johnny D’s marquee | September 10, 2008

“Brad Delp, whose soaring tenor on songs such as “More Than Feeling” gave voice to the best-selling rock band Boston, died yesterday at the age of 55.

In recent years, Mr. Delp found new fans while fronting Beatlejuice, his popular Beatles cover band, which was scheduled to play Johnny D’s in Somerville this weekend.”


“On March 9, 2007, Delp was found dead in his home in Atkinson, New Hampshire. Delp, who was only 55, died from the smoke of two charcoal grills he lit inside his sealed bathroom. He was found by his girlfriend Pamela Sullivan lying on a pillow on his bathroom floor with a suicide note pinned to his shirt stating that he was a “lonely soul”. ”

(Playin’ Dead is a Grateful Dead tribute band)

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