Vinyl #16 – England Swings

When I’m singing karaoke, I need to pick the songs carefully. There are limits to the songs I can get through without chasing everyone from the room, no matter how much they’ve been drinking. First, I have to find songs by people who have a limited vocal range. The weaknesses of my voice are readily apparent – I don’t need to highlight them. Second, it has to be a song I like, or else why bother?

Those criteria narrow things down quite a bit.  For one thing, many songs I like aren’t commonly available.  They’re crowded out by the more popular stuff.  Still, there’s usually a Lou Reed, Johnny Cash, Doors, or REM song I can deal with.  I can make it through “I Think I Love You” by the Partridge Family, and that’s always available.  Roger Miller works too.  “King of the Road” shows up on all the lists, but if England Swings (1966) is available, I’ll do that instead, since it’s not as widely known.

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