Running: My Salvation from Stage 4 Cancer by “Pacer Tom” Perri

Running: My Salvation from Stage 4 Cancer by “Pacer Tom” Perri is the latest book created with the help of Y42K Publishing Services. It’s available in paperback and for the Kindle and other ebook readers.

Running: My Salvation from Stage 4 Cancer

Cancer will never tell me what I can’t do.

Through six decades of running, Pacer Tom has run over 680 marathons and ultras. He never stopped running, even when he was given his initial prostate cancer diagnosis in 2018 at the age of 58, and even after it progressed to Stage 4 in 2019.

Pacer Tom made a commitment that cancer was not going to tell him what he can’t do. Instead of giving up, he set higher goals and dreamed new dreams, while continuing to run and pace marathons around the world. Cancer became a motivating factor to make his life even better than what it previously was.

Pacer Tom’s inspirational book is so much more than just about running. It is about seeing a negative and making it a positive. It is about facing a life-threatening roadblock and making a gutsy detour to take your life in a completely new direction. It is about being positive no matter what life throws at you. And it is about friendships forged through a commonality of coping with cancer.

His book will motivate you to overcome your personal obstacles and to lead amore productive and happier life.

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