“love and prayers, Kara” by Karen De Gregorio

love and prayers, Kara by Karen De Gregorio is the latest book created with the help of Y42K Publishing Services. It’s available in paperback and for the Kindle and other ebook readers.

Don’t let anyone, or anything narrow your world.

love and prayers, Kara tells the story of a young woman’s search for answers.

Mourning the death of her best friend in the summer of 1985, Kara George Grey is on a plane bound for South America. With limited Spanish, and the ink on her college degree barely dry, she touches down in Peru’s capitol, where she must learn the language and find her bearings in a new world. She is miles from home and the big parties and big hair of 1980s America.

As a lone female in the Jesuit school where she will spend the next few years of her life, Kara befriends a sisterhood of nuns, and then follows an inner voice on a journey to a Catholic parish in the Andes mountains. The mountains are harsh, the people are poor, but the lessons are profound. Will she become a nun; is this voice pulling her towards a religious life? Or will she keep searching and find love elsewhere?

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