“Father Joe – Southie Will Never Forget You” by W. Thomas Stafford

Father Joe – Southie Will Never Forget You by W. Thomas Stafford is now available in paperback and for the Kindle and other ebook readers.

Why would young men in the 1960’s decide to walk door-to-door with paper bags to collect money and construct a statue of a local parish priest?

Father Joseph Edward Laporte, affectionately known as Father Joe, was one of the most beloved priests of South Boston. To hundreds of youths, he was a treasure of virtues. He had been their mentor, confessor, spiritual and moral compass, confidant and trusted friend. In 5 short years he earned their love and respect by bringing Christ to them, meeting them on their own turf; street corners, ballfields, basketball courts, beaches and sometimes police stations. Father Joe died of leukemia at the young age of 32. Now, almost 60 years later his story must be told so that his legacy will live on forever and people will remember him and know why a statue of a priest and a young boy still stands in South Boston.

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