Tardis Jukebox January 25th, 2022

One last (?) two hour show before the students are all back.

Shows can be replayed for two weeks after the original show date.

Listen to the live show Tuesdays at 6pm on 91.5FM WMFO Medford (MA) or via the internet at WMFO.org.

(Bookmark this page in case you miss the show. You can replay it from here afterwards.)


Want more Tardis Jukebox? Click to listen on Spotify or use the playlist as a seed.


Here’s the January 25th playlist:

6:01 PMSecret MachinesNowhere AgainNow Here Is Nowhere2004
6:05 PMThe Only OnesYou've Got to PaySpecial View1978
6:08 PMThe Guggenheim GrottoWisdomThe Universe Is Laughing2010
6:12 PMPentangleCruel SisterCruel Sister1970
6:19 PMTownes Van ZandtFare Thee Well, Miss CarouselTownes Van Zandt1969
6:25 PMHot ChocolateEvery 1's a WinnerEvery 1's a Winner1978
6:29 PMBlack Sugar TransmissionGirls Gone WildBlack Sugar Transmission2011
6:35 PMDeadlock FrequencyDisposalAngels Never Answer/Deadlock Frequency split2017
6:38 PMHerra TerraEjection SeatsQuiet Geist2011
6:41 PMBig QuietHonied ThroughInteresting Times2019
6:44 PMThe Real KidsWrong About You28:18:392018
6:48 PMThe Tiger LilliesLouisThe Sea2002
6:51 PMJefferson AirplaneTwo HeadsAfter Bathing At Baxters1967
6:54 PMTori AmosSpiesOcean to Ocean2021
7:00 PMThe GlandsStraight DownThe Glands2000
7:04 PMBloc PartyHelicopterSilent Alarm2005
7:08 PMEvan GreerSurveillance CapitalismSpotify Is Surveillance2021
7:12 PMMidnight OilShort Memory10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,11982
7:16 PMThe Guess WhoNo TimeCanned Wheat1970
7:20 PMNeil YoungWonderin' (Live)Carnegie Hall 1970 (Live)2021
7:22 PMTom RushBiloxiWrong End of the Rainbow1970
7:27 PMRomeo VoidSix Days and OneInstincts1984
7:31 PMParquet CourtsCaptive of the SunHuman Performance2016
7:33 PMBlondieDreamingEat to the Beat1979
7:37 PMHuman TelevisionSick With Redundancy CheckAll Songs Written By: Human Television2004
7:39 PMConstantinesShotsConstantines Play Young / Unintended Play Lightfoot2005
7:45 PMLunaSeven Steps to SatanThe Days of Our Nights1999
7:50 PMThe Paranoid StyleCathedral LowsRolling Disclosure2016
7:53 PMRoky EricksonDon't Shake Me LuciferI Think Of Demons1980
7:56 PMJules ShearWho's Dreaming Who (With Rosanne Cash)Between Us1998

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