Pathetic Plagiarists at the “New”

tl/dr: “Running coach” Jose Cook is a plagiarist.

Back in 2018. Amby Burfoot and I started, a site dedicated to finding, exploring, and publishing articles about numbers related to running. We had some small success, but after a couple of years, the project had run its course, and we let the domain expire.

Earlier today, I noticed that there was an unusual amount of activity on my site (it doesn’t take much), and when I looked, I noticed that people were clicking on links that lead to Out of curiosity, I clicked on one myself and found that someone had set up a new site using our old domain. That’s fine – we knew when we let it go that it was free for someone else to pick up.

What ISN’T fine was revealed when I took a quick look around the new site. Most of their “Running Tips” blog posts were copied word-for-word from our old site. Heck, even their Contact page only had minor edits from the one we were using.

While we’d taken the content down, some of it was copied to my blog, and most of it was readily available from the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.

According to their “About Us” page, Jose L. Cook, Carolyn G. Williams, and Barney D. Stump, who list their address as 3536 Pike Street San Diego, CA 92126, are the plagiarist scum who operate the current version of The stolen articles all list Jose Cook as the author, but the others are certainly guilty by association.

Cook presents himself as a running coach. Personally, I wouldn’t associate with people who will steal other people’s content and publish it as their own.

I’m not going to link to any of the stolen content (don’t want to help their search engine ratings), but you can easily find it for yourself. ALL the posts dated prior to when they registered the domain (on Dec. 31, 2021) are stolen. Some of them still have Amby’s and my names in the text.

I will, however, link to their Contact page to make it easy for you to let them know that their behavior is unacceptable. And whatever the current is selling, don’t buy it.

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