Tardis Jukebox October 19th, 2021

An extra dose of country (and country-adjacent) music this week!

Shows can be replayed for two weeks after the original show date.

Listen to the live show Tuesdays at 6pm on 91.5FM WMFO Medford (MA) or via the internet at WMFO.org.

(Bookmark this page in case you miss the show. You can replay it from here afterwards.)


Want more Tardis Jukebox? Click to listen on Spotify or use the playlist as a seed.


Here’s the October 19th playlist:

6:01 PMThe Style CouncilMy Ever Changing MoodsMy Ever Changing Moods1984
6:06 PMCharly BlissBlown to BitsYoung Enough2019
6:10 PMAmyl and the SniffersHertzComfort To Me2021
6:13 PMFrank SmithApocalypse Circa NowRed on White2006
6:19 PMFred EaglesmithSpookin' the HorsesLipstick, Lies and Gasoline1997
6:23 PMScott GoddardCowpunkYou Break It, You Bought It1995
6:28 PMIDLESNe Touche Pas MoiUltra Mono2020
6:31 PMTalking HeadsPaperFear of Music1979
6:33 PMSmogI Want to Tell You About a ManSewn to the Sky1995
6:34 PMJames McMurtryIf It Don't BleedThe Horses and the Hounds2021
6:38 PMJim CroceWalkin' Back To GeorgiaYou Don't Mess Around With Jim1972
6:41 PMTownes Van ZandtOur Mother The MountainOur Mother the Mountain1969
6:46 PMThe WindbreakersKnowing MeA Different Sort...1987
6:49 PMBim Skala BimBrain DamageBones1992
6:52 PMTravis MeadowsDavidson County PoliceKillin' Uncle Buzzy2011
6:56 PMMiles DavisThe Pan PiperSketches of Spain1960

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