“Pathways of Our Fathers” by Joseph Bolton

Joseph Bolton’s new book, Pathways of Our Fathers, is now available in paperback in both English and French from Amazon and wherever fine books are sold. The books were designed by Y42K Publishing Services and include fifteen full page color illustrations by renowned artist Masami Kiyono

Two journeys of love, sacrifice, and family:

The Prayer of Atsena: In 1916, a young childless French-Canadian couple desperately pray a for a child of their own at Sainte Anne de Beaupre in Quebec. In the Shrine they are observed by their First Nation ancestor seeking closure to his own two hundred and fifty-nine-year journey of redemption leaving all their paths irrevocably altered.

Frankenstein Cliff: A Father’s Love from Strength: After fifty years, a middle age man returns alone to the White Mountains of New Hampshire to where his father took him and his brother hiking as young children. Standing at trailhead with the memories of that day fading, he tries to reconnect with his father’s life of heroic virtue and love.

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2 thoughts on ““Pathways of Our Fathers” by Joseph Bolton

  • George Hamilton

    Would it be possible to get autographed copies of Pathways of Our Fathers?
    My genealogy…
    Pierre-nicolas Charron Dit Ducharme Marriage to: Catherine du Plat, who was previously called Ouenta (daughter of Atsena, Chief of Huron Bear Nation) before she was renamed by her godmother at her christening on November 25, 1651 and was baptized by Claude Pijart.
    This would make Atsena du Plat and Annengthon about my 11th Great-Grand Parents and Ouenta 10th Great Grandmother on my maternal Ducharme side of the family tree.. My mother being Joan Helen Ducharme..
    My intention is to add a copy of Pathways of Our Fathers to a documented family tree and provide both to younger family members as a gift.. possibly this Christmas.
    Several signed copies would be ideal if possible.. even one to add to my collection of documents eventually passed down to the next generation would be appreciated..
    The cost plus shipping and handling, taxes if need be and any other information is all I need and I’ll give you my shipping address and credit card info if this is doable..
    Kind Regards,
    George Hamilton

  • Kathy Rodriques

    What a unique and special way to portray the continued relationship we have with our ancestors. Joe Bolton must have spent many days of meditation and contemplation AND genealogical research to develop this unusual understanding of the afterlife and our connection to it that would never occur to most of the rest of us.
    What a comforting thought to know our ancestors have our backs like Atsena did.
    And I was so touched by the story of Mr. Bolton’s loving father and his two sons. My heart was so moved reading about his father taking care of his son, Muggsy during the last days of his ALS. His love was palpable and I’m sure he had the same giving love for all his sons, and I know he and Muggsy were there with Joe at the trailhead of Frankenstein Cliff.
    The author has an amazing supernatural understanding of the afterlife, Guardian Angels, Purgatory, and The Body of Christ.
    The illustrations in his book are also unique and a perfect fit for his story.
    Thanks to Joe Bolton for writing it – and sharing it with the rest of us. It gave me great comfort and a greater understanding of how we all remain connected in this world and the next.
    It can’t help but lift his readers’ thoughts up from the negativity of this life into the glorious “Big Picture”.