Tardis Jukebox – July 29, 2020

This week, travel the world with The Doctor to visit places where people don’t sing in English:


Don’t forget to listen to the “live” show Wednesdays at 1pm on 91.5FM WMFO Medford (MA) or via the internet at WMFO.org.

Here’s the July 29th playlist:

1:01 PMИюльские Дни (Russia)Страна 404Китеж – EP2018
1:03 PMYura Yura Teikoku (Japan)KyusyoSweet Spot2007
1:07 PMSharhabil Ahmed (Sudan)Argos FarfishThe King of Sudanese Jazz (Habibi Funk 013)2020
1:11 PMBattle Tales (Switzerland)Le MessagerLè Lèjande dè vêr no – EP2019
1:17 PMMorbidi i Mnoći (Serbia)PutPsihodeliène oèi (1985-89)1985
1:22 PMPlastic Bertrand (France)Ca Plane por MoiCa Plane Por Moi1977
1:25 PMSirkka (Finland)Kuluttava KoneKuluttava Kone2020
1:27 PMIfriqiyya Electrique (Tunisia)Lavo – Baba Marzug – Sidi Saad – AllahRûwâhîne2017
1:32 PMДела Поважнее (Russia)ЛётчикСиндром Самозванца2019
1:35 PMMeara O’Reilly (California)1Hockets for Two Voices2019
1:36 PMMoonlight Benjamin (Haiti)Memwa’nSiltane2017
1:40 PMGong Gong Gong 工工工 (China)Siren 追逐劇Siren 追逐劇 – Single2018
1:45 PMAccidente (Spain)CaníbalCaníbal2020
1:47 PMKompromat (France)Traum und ExistenzTraum und Existenz2019
1:52 PMAjate (Japan)UkaAlo2020
1:56 PMKel Assouf (Niger)AlyochanBlack Tenere2019

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