Masked Runners Across America (and the World)

On Saturday, Amby Burfoot went out for an easy 3-mile jog in Mystic CT with his wife and his brother Gary. They had barely begun when Gary said, “You know what might be cool—to put a COVID mask on the Kelley statue.” This inspired Amby to ask some of his friends to place masks on runner statues around the country.

You can see the results below. Good health, good fitness, keep running! #Masks4All


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Photo Credits:

  • John J. Kelley: Amby Burfoot
  • Frank Shorter: Rich Castro
  • John A. Kelley: Ray Charbonneau
  • Team Hoyt, Stylianos Kyriakides, The Starter: Bruce MacDonald
  • Joan & Bill: Quad City Times Bix 7
  • Fred Lebow: Scott Lange
  • Joan Benoit Samuelson: Marty Clark
  • Bobby Crim: Debbie McIntyre
  • The Girl Who Ran: Jeff Buccacio
  • Spirit of the Marathon: Spyros Zagaris
  • Stylianos Kyriakides (Cyprus): Michael Kimonos
  • Terry Fox: Katey Ross
  • Joe McCluskey: Rick Dyer

All pictures are shared using the Creative Commons “Attribution-NoDerivs” license.

Masked Runner Statues in the News

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“Here is why masks are being placed on statues of runners all over the place” (Boston Globe)
“Σπουδαίοι δρομείς… δείχνουν την αλληλεγγύη τους” (
“The Day the Running Statues Donned Masks” (New York Times)
“Masks put on Bix statues to promote wearing them amid COVID-19” (KWQC Davenport)
“The runner statue Covid-19 mask movement” (Fast Women)
“Masked Marathon statues promote face coverings” (MetroWest Daily News)

Some of the statues needing masks

Submit your own masked runner statue photos here! Original (highest resolution) photos are best.

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8 thoughts on “Masked Runners Across America (and the World)

  • Dan Mitrovich

    This is great. Amby Burfoot suggested someone within the runners community in NYC put a mask Fred Lebow statue in Central Park. Please let us all know and take a picture and Send it out to the running community.


    Dan Mitrovich

    • Daniel S Mitrovich

      When Amby contacted me about The Fred Lebow statue needing a mask I called Scott Lange in NYC immediately. Within 30 minutes Fred had his mask. That is what the running community does in life. We help each other.

      I am so proud Of being a runner for 61 years. See you all soon.

      We runners are a community of 193 nations !

      Daniel S. Mitrovich, author of “Forever at the Finish Line”,creator of the Fred Lebow statue!

  • Scott Lange

    It is my hope that these images of America’s leaders of the sport of running and organizing races elevate awareness among all runners the importance of taking all precautions to avoid spreading and contracting COVID-19. Running is an ideal way to stay fit and healthy physically and mentally during this time of lockdowns and social distancing — just like it always has been. Our leaders of the sport are reminding us to be safe while we train as well as aware or our responsibility to protect others around us. Thank you Amby. What a wonderful initiative. Kudos! I was happy to do my part. Stay safe and healthy!

  • Jack Fultz

    “The Last Meter” statue of Klaus Peter Hildenbrand diving for the finish line to edge out Rod Dixon for the Bronze Medal at Montreal. Dick Quax and Lasse Viren’s figures are also a part of this iconic statue – all four runners would be adorned with masks.

  • Jim Gerweck

    Statue(s) needing masks:
    Adi Dassler – Herzgenau, GER (adidas HQ)
    Kansas Running Legends – Rim Rock Farm XC course, Lawrence, KS