“The Bel Canto Buzz” by Debra Lynn

The newly updated 4th edition of Debra Lynn’s The Bel Canto Buzz is now available in paperback and for the Kindle and other popular ebook readers.

Debra Lynn shares her unique and highly-effective approach to singing with ease, based on the bel canto principles and understanding of Manuel Garcia and Mathilde Marchesi!

“Maybe you sing in the shower. Maybe you’ve sung on the stage. Maybe you think that with a little more work you could sound like Sinatra or maybe carry a tune. Well, no maybes about it, this is the book for you. Debra Lynn, accomplished vocalist and voice instructor, now proves that she’s an accomplished writer, too. Let her educate you, entertain you, and help you to find your own inner Sinatra or Sills.”

–William Martin (New York Times bestselling author of City of Dreams and Citizen Washington)

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