Songs/Year On My iPhone

While I still buy vinyl, I listen to digital music most of the time. It’s so much more convenient, and while the sound may not match the richness of a fine slab of 70’s vinyl on an expensive system, in most cases it’s not bad, not bad at all.

So, for a better picture of what I actually listen to than what my physical music collection provides, here’s a chart showing the total number of songs from each year in my digital collection. It varies from this chart mostly because a lot of my newer music is digital-only, but partly because I delete the boring songs from the digital versions of my albums. I’d rather listen to something new instead.

iTunes tracks the date when songs are added to the library, but in April of 2012 I had to rebuild my library, so that information was lost for songs added before then. This chart shows when the 5000 or so songs I’ve added since then were added:

The uptick at the end of the chart is because not all of the most recent additions have been curated yet, and because I have some extra time on my hands due to a running injury.

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