Idle Feet Cover Contest

(Update: Bradley C is the winner! His answer is in the comments)

Recently, while preparing for the release of my new book, I went back to clean up and update some details in my previous books. One of the things I took care of was a tiny detail on the front cover of Idle Feet Do the Devil’s Work.

Here’s the new cover:

Idle Feet Do the Devil's WorkThe first person to identify what it was that I fixed wins a free copy of Idle Feet! You may have to poke around the internet to find an old cover to compare it with, but that shouldn’t be hard. Enter in the comments below.

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7 thoughts on “Idle Feet Cover Contest

    • rcharbon Post author

      That’s not it, Scott. What you mentioned is an artifact of the compression process. However, I expect that if you look closely at that same image, you can find the real answer. When you see it, it’ll be obvious.

      • rcharbon Post author

        Actually, when I look back, there appear to be two versions of the cover with the mistake, one with less fire between the “Do” and the “the”. As I mentioned, that’s not the mistake, but it is a difference, so to be fair, I’ll give you a digital copy of the book. How’s that?

        Meanwhile, the search for the mistake goes on…