The Unforgiving Road by Doug Robertson

“A Rider is the eye of the storm.” So begin the Commandments of the Riders of Rawthe. And so begins The Unforgiving Road, the new novel from Doug Robertson, published with the help of Y42K Publishing Services.

The Unforgiving Road

In The Unforgiving Road, Dia is finishing her long training and preparing to venture beyond the walls of the Rider’s Camp, along with her best friend Eleven and twin sisters Skid and Lid. Together the four encounter strangers pleasant and odd and test their skills and their friendship in two-wheeled, high-speed battles against the Angel and his Disciples. Dia begins her journey believing she knows everything she needs to know, but after an unexpected run-in it all begins to fall apart. The Commandments state that a Rider doubts not, what happens when Dia begins to question all she knows to be true?

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