#tbt – 1977 SHS Track Meet

A track meet in 1977, my sophomore year at Spaulding High School in Barre, VT. Not the most flattering picture, but at least I’m ahead of someone:

Does anyone know who the other school was? Even in the original photo, I can’t make out the text. Maybe the image is familiar?

In the picture, you can see that someone left a set of blocks out in lane 5. It was always fun to try to set blocks in the loose gravel surface of our track. I still have my high school Nikes, with the 1/2″ spikes we needed to get any traction at all:

The track, bad as it was, was infinitely better than the bag of worn out foam scraps we used as a high jump pit.

Spaulding still has that same track. It was built in 1964 and has never really been upgraded. The school can’t host official track meets any more, because of the size and condition of the track.

A new track is Phase Two of a set of planned athletic field enhancements. Last year, the track finally got lights (well, the football field got lights, but runners get to use them too) in Phase One.

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5 thoughts on “#tbt – 1977 SHS Track Meet

  • Kelly

    They have had track meets here for at least the last 6 years as my daughter did track in high school and we went to this track during all four years of her hs career. She is now a sophomore in college. My youngest is a hs senior this year and am assuming that we will still have meets there this Spring.

    • rcharbon Post author

      That note comes from the SHS Foundation page. I assume they mean state meets and other major competitions, not dual meets and the like. Also, any records set might not count beyond SHS.

      Things could be worse. When I was at Spaulding, we had a meet at U32 on a dirt oval.

      • Kelly

        Gotcha…misinterpreted the comment. It would be great to get that track up to speed so they could have State Meets there. Thanks for the clarification 🙂

  • Sam

    Ray–looks like the T-shirt has five letters in the first word, so…South Burlington? Presumably Spaulding competed against them in track back then…

    • rcharbon Post author

      Maybe, but I’d guess not. Partly because if I recall correctly, South Burlington had a nice track, so I’d assume they ran in singlets, not t-shirts.