#tbt – Ron Clarke, 1965

Ron Clarke in Oslo (1965)

Clarke in Oslo, first to break 28 minutes in the 10K

Ron Clarke, one of the best-known distance runners in the world in the 1960’s, died yesterday in Australia. Clark set 17 world records in his career, including an amazing 12 records in 44 days during a European tour 50 years ago this summer, making him perhaps the only person to have a better year in 1965 than The Beatles.

Here are just a few of his feats from that year, as detailed in the July and August 1965 Long Distance Logs (click on an image to enlarge):

June 4: Setting the 5000 meter record in Los Angeles (note also high schooler Jim Ryun’s time in the mile):


Clarke’s thoughts on record-setting after winning a 3-mile race in Toronto on June 10:


June 16: breaking his own 10,000 meter record in Finland:


July 10: a 3-mile record, this time in London:


July 14 in Oslo: yet another 10,000 mark, the first ever under 28 minutes (and a 6-mile mark along the way):


Quite a year, right mate?

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