New home for Y42K Blog!

page_is_under_construction-001I’m in the midst of redesigning my web site, As part of that project, I’m moving my blog from the old location at to here, at my domain.

From now on, all new posts can be found here: or by going to my web site and clicking on “Blog”.

If you’re following my blog vis RSS, the feed is here:

If you’ve subscribed to my blog through WordPress, you won’t see new posts when they appear. I’ll post something on the old site once I figure out how to allow subscribers on the new blog site. In the meantime, RSS is really cool (I use Inoreader), and I post about new posts on social media if you want to follow along that way.

I’ve copied my old posts from the old site to here, but the old site will stay in place for the foreseeable future so links from outside continue to work.

Thanks for reading!

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