What else has happened lately?

Today, the Christian Science Monitor published my Op-Ed piece titled Why I’ll Run the Boston Marathon Again in 2014.

Late this morning, I took a CNN limo downtown, had a cup of coffee, then rode back to work.  CNN (rightly) decided to bump me after an attempt to poison the President.

The day before the marathon, Jim Brennan posted his review of Overthinking the Marathon. Jim writes, “What makes it all work, as in Ray’s other books, is his openness and wit.” Jim also posted a follow-up note after the race.

And Mike Niefert posted a review to his Open Mikey blog today.  Mike says, “Charbonneau has a knack for making running advice interesting and helpful.”

Coming up when I get some free time, the story of my marathon guiding Mike M. Well, the story of Mike’s marathon. I just read the map.

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