2014: Year of the Marathon-a-Month?

I’m thinking about making 2014 the “Year of the Marathon-a-Month” (aka “Marathon Book Tour 2014”). That would be a nice little challenge; not much, maybe, compared to the recent spate of marathon-a-week runners, but enough for my tastes. I might even get around to registering as a Marathon Maniac.

It’s NEVER too soon to start planning these things, so today I put together a spreadsheet with some possible races. The criteria:

  1. One marathon in each month
  2. Keep travel expenses low by picking marathons near where we live (eastern Massachusetts) when possible
  3. In April, running Boston is a given
  4. Avoid mega-marathons wherever possible

Travel expenses are the biggest potential hurdle. The preliminary list I came up with doesn’t have many options for March, August, or December.  I’d love to get your suggestions for those months in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “2014: Year of the Marathon-a-Month?

  • ultramanVT100

    Why not just run the distance on courses that you come up with and use a garmin? Who cares if others dont approve of them as being “official” and who needs more t-shirts and expensive medals. Lets get back to running for the love of the RUN!