An Indie Bookstore Day

My hill repeats on Packard Ave. this morning went much better than they did last week, averaging about 5 seconds faster for each one, even the extra one tacked on at the end of the workout.  The cold from heck must be finally fading away.

After I finished running, I dropped off books at some of the local independent bookstores.  If you need an instant Overthinking the Marathon fix in paperback, you can now visit these stores to pick up a copy:

koboAnd if you love ebooks (like I do), but hate how they cut the local store out of the loop (libraries are another problem, for another day), you now have an option.  Lately, I’ve seen displays in bookstores offering Kobo e-readers for sale, so today I asked a clerk how the partnership works.  Apparently if you buy books through Kobo, you get the chance to name a local bookstore as your “home store” when you set up your account.  Then every time you buy a book through the Kobo store, your local store gets a cut (tiny, but much better than nothing).  So you can buy a Kobo reader or load a Kobo app onto your existing smartphone, computer, or tablet (even a jailbroken Kindle Fire) and read e-books relatively guilt-free.

All the cool authors are available at the Kobo store, including everyone I publish through Y42K Book Production Services.

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