Help Gary Allen Finish His Run to DC

As of Monday evening, Gary Allen just finished another 50+ mile day, and he’s completed more than half of his 700 mile run from Maine to DC for charity. He’ll do the running, but he needs logistical support to make it the rest of the way. Can you help, or pass this page on to people who might help?

Gary’s brother Larry just posted this on the Maine to DC Facebook page:

“Now on to Gary’s very real needs. We are desperately seeking support crews beginning on Saturday at 7am to get him into Philadelphia. We need a place for him to stay on Saturday night somewhere between Philly and Baltimore. We need support crew beginning at 7am on Sunday to get him into and through Baltimore. We need a place for him to stay somewhere outside Washington on Sunday night. We need support crew at 7am on Monday to get him triumphantly and strongly into Washington DC. We have not a single person lined up to put him up or help or to run with Gary on Saturday, Sunday or Monday. It is going to take a village to get this done. Please help. You will never, ever forget the good you do in this effort. He needs your help!”

If you can help, message Lawrence Allen on Facebook or email  Even if you can’t get out yourself, share this page and help find someone who can!

And don’t forget to donate!

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