Pledge for Gary Allen’s “Maine 2 DC” Run

As I write this, my friend Gary Allen is in the middle of a run from Mount Desert Island, Maine to Washington DC.  Gary plans to reach DC by Monday, January 21 – President Obama’s inauguration day.

Why? First of all, why not? Also, he’s doing it to support these charities:

On Saturday, Jan. 12, I will be running with Gary on the section between Salisbury, NH and Maynard, MA.  How about pledging a dollar for every mile I run with Gary?  Post something in the comments here, or on my Facebook or Twitter (@raycharbonneau) pages if you’d like to help!

Or donate now by clicking on any of the links above, and follow Gary’s run by visiting his web site or by checking out his progress on his MyAthleteLive Tracker.

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