CCM Diary: Bring It On

Busy day ahead.  Soon, Ruth and I will leaving for the drive to Falmouth.  When we arrive, we’ll get lunch, check in at our hotel, visit the expo to pick up our numbers, and get together with Ruthanne to drive the course to preview what’s coming up on Sunday.

In the evening, Ruth and I are going for an early dinner at Stir Crazy, and then heading over East Falmouth to drop in on the SRR gathering at the house Jesse and Urvi rented.  It’ll be fun to see everyone in full pre-race-jitter mode, but soon enough it’ll be time for us to go back to our room to settle down and try to get some rest before morning.

What about Hurricane Sandy and the 20 to 30 MPH winds she’s supposed to bring Sunday morning?  Well, as noted running philosopher Nick Cave wrote:

Bring it on
Every little thing
Bring it on
Every tiny fear
Bring it on
Every shattered dream
And I’ll scatter them into the sea

It’s time to race.  Whatever happens, we’ll deal with it.  Bring it on!



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