CCM Diary: Take It Easy

Last night I slept a little better, mostly because it was Ruth’s turn to have trouble sleeping and she distracted Felix.  My neck still bothered me, so I was half-asleep most of the night, but at least I wasn’t awake, fighting off the cat.

We ran Casey’s tonight.  Since Ruth and I are both tapering, we did less than we usually do.  I only wanted to run six miles, so I got out of the car half-way to the bar instead of running from home.  Ruth cut back to an easy pace and ran behind everyone as the sweep, making sure no one got lost.

My neck usually doesn’t bother me any more while I’m running, but every once in a while I land wrong and get a jolt that makes my whole body flinch.  It’s not enough to stop me from running, but if the problem lingers on, it’ll make it difficult to run a good marathon.  I’ve been taking muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories, but progress, if any, is slow.  Tomorrow, I’m visiting the chiropractor.

(6.1 mi. run; 147.5#)

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