CCM Diary: Back On Track (groan)

This morning, after a two-day orgy of apprehension-fueled stretching and self-massage, I jogged over the track for my workout.  My hamstring felt OK, so I decided to go ahead as planned.

The weather was pleasantly cool and the rain held off except for a sprinkle or two.  I plowed through 8 x 800 meters, shooting for 3:25’s or less.  The fear of missing my goal usually pushes me a little under my target pace.  Today, seven of my eight 800’s were between 3:21 and 3:23.  The one time I let myself relax and cruise was on interval #4.  It felt significantly easier, and it was the only one I ran at 3:25 on the nose.  It’s surprising how much difference a couple of seconds makes.

I’m happy that I made it to the track.  I had a good workout that probably did even more for my morale than it did for my fitness.  The last two weeks haven’t been a disaster, but there has been one little problem after another.  This close to race day, if I had to skip track on top of everything else, my confidence would have taken a real hit.  I’m sure I’ll find something else to worry about before the marathon, but for now I’m relieved.

(10.6 mi. run; 146.5#)

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