CCM Diary: Not According to Plan

Today’s plan called for Ruth to go for a 14 mile run with her gang starting at 7AM.  That would get her back by 10AM, and give us plenty of time to drive to Lenox, pick up the race packet, check in at our B&B, and do some relaxing before 5PM, when our friends were going to meet us for dinner and discuss Sunday’s Josh Billings relay.  That plan had to change.  Ruth did get back home a little after 10, but only to get the car and drive to Winchester Hospital to see how Ruthanne was doing.

Even though it had been a three bunny day and a deer run, normally good omens, Ruthanne somehow managed to trip and fall over the broken stump of a street sign that was hidden in some weeds, banging her wrist and knee and cutting herself over the eye in the process.  A passer-by called an ambulance, which came and took Ruthanne to the hospital while Ruth ran home to get Ruthanne’s car and her bag and bring it to her.  Unfortunately, Ruthanne’s car key was still with Ruthanne back at the hospital, so Ruth rushed off in our car, taking Ruthanne’s bag with her, while I waited for Ruth to return.

While Ruthanne was getting a CAT scan to make sure she hadn’t broken her eye socket, Ruth called around for help.  Gwen volunteered to wait while Ruthanne got 5 stitches to close up the cut above her eye and then bring her home.  Meanwhile, Ruth took Ruthanne’s car key back to our house where she showered and finished packing for our trip.  Then we drove Ruthanne’s car to her apartment and left it there while we finally started west.  We made it to Lenox with just enough time to get settled in before everyone else arrived.

Mark wanted something simple, like pizza, to eat before his morning bike leg.  We asked John, our host at the B&B, for an Italian restaurant, and he suggested Café Lucia.  Perhaps we should have been a little more specific. Pizza implies a certain price range.  The meal at Café Lucia was excellent, but I’ve never spent $40 for a spaghetti dinner before.

Team Blackburn and wives

(strength; 146.5#)

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