CCM Diary: New (Boots and) Panties

I bought a new pair of CEP compression sleeves for my calves (aka “calf panties”) yesterday.  They provide a little more support than the ones that were already in my closet.  Calf panties are supposed to help with recovery, so I wore them while I slept.  When I woke up, my legs felt OK, but since today was a bike day I practiced patience and refrained from running – almost.  I couldn’t resist a few test strides in the hallway.  My legs passed, but the real test won’t come until tomorrow.

The calf panties are also supposed to make you 5% faster in a race, according to the sign in the store.  Does that make them PEDs (Performance Enhancing Devices)?

This whole week has been beautiful, with crisp, clear mornings perfect for running followed by warm, sunny afternoons. These are the days we’ve been waiting for all summer.  It’s been no fun to be sitting at home, not running, on mornings like these.  At least I can get out on the bike.  I kept the calf panties on and went for a good ride on the Lexington/Carlisle/Concord loop, marred only by the fact that it was a Dead Bunny Day.

Biking doesn’t really cut it for a true running addict.  If running is like heroin, biking is particularly weak methadone.  Running withdrawal leaves me irritable, restless, and anxious for my next run/fix, especially when I’m in the middle of training for a big race.  It’s stressful, and my usual way of dealing with stress is… running!

I’m still wearing the calf panties.  I better be better soon.

(32 mi. bike; 147#)

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