CCM Diary: Rescue Dragon

Today was a beautiful summer day.   When I headed out, it was a little under 70° and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, a great morning for a bike ride.

While I was out, I rescued a little blue dragon that had been abandoned by the side of the road. He must have escaped from his child by leaping out the open window of mom and dad’s car. The dragon survived the incident in pretty good shape, so I tucked him under the bungee cords on my bike bag and brought him along with me to the coffee shop.

Ruth had a good-sized crowd with her for the Sunday run this week.  The rescue dragon and I joined them at the picnic tables for coffee.

There are usually a few small children around when we meet for our post-run/ride refreshments, so I was hoping to find someone who would enjoy giving the little fellow a new home.  Unfortunately, all the children were somewhere else this week, so I didn’t find anyone for him to frolic with when the autumn mist arrives.

(16 mi. bike; 147#; Week 10 RunEQ: 31 mi.)

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