CCM Diary: Just Another Random Title

The only excitement during today’s bike ride was when I almost got smacked by, ironically, The Ride.  I was going through a rotary when one of their vans swerved across two lanes to cut in front of me as I rode by his intended egress. I didn’t see him until he crossed my bow but that’s OK since he didn’t bother to signal anyhow.

The Ride serves people who can’t use regular public transportation due to disabilities.  Maybe they’re trying to build their customer base?

While I was riding through Medford Square, I noticed that the Bestsellers Cafe has finally reopened.  The store closed 5 years ago so the building could be renovated.  The renovations were only supposed to take a few months, but they were delayed by multiple unforeseen snags.  Rob Dilman, the bookstore owner, persevered through it all.  His new store is a very nice space.

I stopped in to meet Rob and drop off a business card.  We’re going to get together in a week or so to discuss doing a reading or some other event out of the store.  Note to other writers – Rob takes half the cut from consignment sales that most other stores do – an 80/20 split instead of the usual 60/40.  With any luck we’ll be able help each other sell a few books.

The new store is larger than it looks from the street.  It has nice café seating in the back with WiFi and a view of the Mystic River.  I went back in the afternoon to enjoy a latte and get some work done.

While browsing the web for more information on my new Nike Flex shoes, I found that I can order them direct from Nike, customized with the colors of my choice and up to six characters printed on each tongue.  I can even get them in wide sizes if I want.  They cost $110, an extra $30 over the list price, but if the ones I have work and I get a decent amount of wear out of them it might be fun to order a custom pair with the SRR colors for the marathon.

(20.2 mi. bike; 147#)

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