CCM Diary: Uncaged!

This morning, I didn’t like the thought of jamming my toe into the cage on my bike pedal.  Instead of riding, I did a 5 mile run with Ruth, Ruthanne, and Pam.  Yesterday, while I was wandering through the woods they did 18 miles in the sun, so we were all ready for an easy recovery jog.

The storm debris was cleared from the bike path (thanks, Town of Arlington!), so we took it to Alewife (Bunny day!).  There were still plenty of downed trees, broken fences, and other changes to marvel at as we ran by.  On the return trip, we took the path that loops around Spy Pond.  That path is less than a haIf-mile from the bike path, but it was totally unscathed.

While I’m training for Cape Cod, I’m going to splurge and get a massage at the beginning of every rest week. I have a foam roller and a spiky Goosebump massage ball that I use to try and work out the knots in my muscles via self-massage, but it can be more effective, and it’s definitely much more enjoyable, to have someone else do the bodywork for me.

This afternoon, I’m visiting my friend Mina for my massage.  Mina is a distance swimmer in addition to running Riverbend Massage Therapy.  She offers a variety of discounted rates to local athletes.  The last time I saw her was just before Mina competed in the 6-mile Kingdom Swim, when she was donating all her proceeds for May and June to the race charity, the Indoor Recreation Center of Orleans County Healthy Changes Initiative.

(5 mi. run; 146#; Week 15 RunEq = 54 mi.)

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