CCM: Circular Reasoning

Ironically, working on yesterday’s post late last night (for me) contributed to a poor night’s sleep.  I wanted to be rested for today’s workout, so I tried to go to sleep without taking the time to wind down after puppet class and finishing up the post.  Then I woke up a little after three and I couldn’t get back to sleep because I was running through puppetry ideas and worrying about running intervals in the heat.  Clearly, I still have work to do with that meditation stuff.

Even with the early start, it was hot and humid when I got to the track.  The heat probably contributed to the trouble I had holding to my pace.  Each second lap was at least a second or two slower than the first.  I was actually over 3:28 for the first two intervals before I cranked up my perceived effort level enough to make up for the heat.  I ended up running too fast for the last three intervals, but I don’t think it hurt me any and it wiped out the residual guilt from the first two slow 800s.

It will be be hard to keep today’s meditation time from becoming nap time.

(8.2 mi. run – 5×800@3:22-31; 148.5#)

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2 thoughts on “CCM: Circular Reasoning

  • imarunner2012

    I keep thinking about adding some track time to my routine. There is a nice track less than a mile from my house, so it’s not a big inconvenience to go. I think I just need to start going and make it part of my routine, which is easier said than done!