CCM Diary: The Road to Cape Cod

If all goes well, on October 28th (a little more than 17 weeks from now) Ruth and I will be running the Cape Cod Marathon.  It’ll be Ruth’s third marathon and my twentieth.  It’ll also be 10 years since the last time I ran Cape Cod, when I set my marathon PR of 3:13: 28.

I just turned 51, and I’m struggling with all that means.  I have to work harder to run at a particular pace, and some paces  just aren’t possible any more.  An extra muffin or three matters more than it used to.  It gets harder and harder to avoid injuries and keep going.  And no matter how much effort I put in, the results just aren’t what they used to be.  It’s a common story.

But I’m stubborn, and ready to adjust and try some new things and see how much I’ve got left.  Let the timing chips fall where they may.

For the next 17 weeks, I’ll be posting updates on my progress toward the race, along with my thoughts on marathons, training, and those random topics that crop up in all our heads during the course of yet another run.

Stick around.  Write a comment if you want.  Who knows?  You might learn something.  I might learn something.  And with any luck, we might all have some fun.

(Today’s training: 12 mile bike.  151.5#)

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