Link Farm: May 9 – Ride to Hopkinton Edition

Hassan Haydar is running the Boston Marathon course once a week for 26 weeks.  He started on Patriots Day and has run the course every Sunday since then.  The plan calls for 9 min/mile runs (4 hour marathons) every Sunday into October.  Everyone is welcome to join him.

I’m going this Sunday (May 13th).  If you’re interested in a ride out to Hopkinton from the Arlington area, let me know.

Does this sound fun?:

“I, (state your name), promise to do dumb things, have fun and laugh while running. I will always remember that I am an Idiot and never take myself or any event too seriously. I refuse to take the easy path. Ever. If I “DNF” it will be because I have NOTHING left to give or I’m dead.”

Then join the Idiots Running Club.  Our motto: “ti no trid emos bur”.

The $249 Pear. You download your desired training plan to the digital player, then run with the included heart rate monitor while a coach guides you through your routine and yaps at you if you spend too much time out of the desired heart rate zone.  If you want to play music, the only option is to snap on an iPod Shuffle (not included).

It looks cool, and a cool gadget, no matter how unnecessary, always sucks me in.

George Whitney is a 93-year-old retired veterinarian who lives in Vermont.  Depending on how you feel about his blog, he’s someone you might describe as an opinionated eccentric or an old crank.

George started running when he was 80, and running is one of the many things George feels strongly about.  He’s published a book, “Come Jog with Me”, to tell you the many reasons you should run too, no matter how old you are.  You can read a sample at Google Books or order a copy from his publishing service (iUniverse) or Amazon and most other online bookstores.  The paper editions are overpriced, but the ebook is only $3.99.

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