Link Farm: April 21 – Nice Day for Yardwork Edition

Sure it was a little warm on Patriot’s Day this year, but that’s no reason to overreact.

Here’s the scoop on how many people might defer their Boston Marathon entry to 2013.  It’s fewer than you might think – way to suck it up, runners!

McSweeney’s has a message for that person who stares at you just because the soundtrack to your run is AWESOME!

…and here’s a handy tip for everyone with seasonal allergies!

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2 thoughts on “Link Farm: April 21 – Nice Day for Yardwork Edition

  • imarunner2012

    This weekend I was pulling together information on my past Boston Marathon finishes. I have run Boston four others times and they all had normal weather for Boston in April. After I put all the times on a spreadsheet I was shocked to see that this year’s finish time was my best Boston finish ever!
    Even in the heat I managed a Boston PR by beating my previous time by 15 minutes.I never bothered to check after the race because I was just happy to finish.