Link Farm: April 13 Triskaidekaphobia Edition

As the anxiety rises along with the temperature forecast for Monday:

For some reason, the Boston Globe has a lot of running articles this week.  This one starts out perfectly echoing how I feel about running Boston (or other races), but by the end I almost wish the writer would give up his number to someone who needs it more.

On the other hand, this Runner’s World motivational poster gets it right!

Amby Burfoot and David Powell “debate” whether fast times at the Boston Marathon should qualify as records.  It’s not a real debate, since they both agree that the status quo is correct.  For the other side of the argument, you’ll have to read the May/June Level Renner (sign up now for your FREE! subscription and have it delivered to your inbox).

Finally, Chris Cooper deals with the important question: What Would Jesus Run?

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