Runners: What’s your obsession?

LogWhat do you keep track of?  Most runners  count things.  We keep logs to track miles, shoe usage, heart rates, race results (of course), and a multitude of other numbers related to our hobby/sport/life.  Mundane or bizarre (especially bizarre!), whatever it is you track, I want to know.

Most of us set goals related to the things we count.  We target a certain number of miles per week, or per year.  The marathon seems to attract this sort of thing.  We all know someone who counts their total number of marathons, or who’s trying to run a marathon in all 50 states, or on all seven continents.

Taking notesSome people get a little off the beaten track.  For example, this group has a goal of running in 26 different cities, each beginning with a different letter of the alphabet.  These people are actually spelling out the alphabet using their running routes.

Post your obsession in the comments, or email me if you prefer.   Thanks!

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One thought on “Runners: What’s your obsession?

  • Ken Skier

    I used to track every run: miles, pace, temp, shoes, etc. But for the past two years I only count one thing: the number of races I run barefoot. (By which I mean shoeless. Buck naked feet. Sorry, folks: if you’re wearing “barefoot shoes” you’re not barefoot! 🙂

    In 2010 I ran 20 races barefoot. In 2011 I ran 21. This year I am hoping to run…well, you get the idea! 🙂