A couple of reviews…

Some love in a couple recent reviews of my work:

In Self-Publishing Review, Dan Burton says “Running really is a drug. Once you have felt the flow of juices that come when you finally hit that distance necessary to get the endorphins to kick in, there’s no turning back. You’ll get the bug. It’s clear that Charbonneau has it, and it’s clear he understands the addition, too, or at least is trying to understand. In that way, “Chasing the Runners High” may be as much a therapy as anything else. It is his experience and history with running, as close as one could get to a memoir of the sport—if a sport is what we could call it.”  Read more

The readers of Corpus Pretereo have this to say in the comments on Amazon about my story, “The Devil and Neil Armstrong”:

“This story is very clever, and I can’t say too much about it without giving it away. It involves time travel (of a sort), and uses a fascinating conceit to show how the past interacts with the present.”
– Jennifer Spohr

“I’m a sucker for a really good concept story, and “The Devil and Neil Armstrong” is a very tasty one. It took a while for me to catch on to what was going on–I actually went back to the beginning to reread a couple of details to be sure I understood. But it’s clever and thoughtful with regards to its subject matter (space exploration, always a favorite of mine) and has a delightful humorous twist at the ending.”
April L’Orange

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