Gobble Wobble Turkey Trot

Thanksgiving morning, I ran the Barre Congregational Church‘s Gobble Wobble Turkey Trot 5K with Ruth, my brother Jim, and our friends Mark and Karen.  It was the day after the first snowstorm of the year, so fresh, clean snow covered the scenery.


Fresh snow also covered the course, but it was well-plowed and a town truck sanded the course just before the race so the footing wasn’t too bad.  The course started at the top end of Phelps Rd. in Barre Town, then went out-and-back on Phelps, which made the course almost totally down-then-up.

Eric Morse won.  I finished in about 23:25 (sixth overall and first 50+), so I got camera duty.  Ruth finished in 29:13:

Ruth finishing

followed by Jim, shown here chugging up the hill toward the finish:

Jim approaches the finish

Jim finished his first 5K in a little over 36 minutes.  You can read more about his take on the race in his blog.

Jim finishing

Mark and Karen started late and finished happy:

Mark & Karen finish

There weren’t any prizes for the winners, but there was a raffle.  Ruth and I both came home with something:

Raffle winners!

And then it was time to turkey-load for the next race!

Group photo

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