More book signings…

book signingLooking to pick up signed copies of R is for Running and Chasing the Runner’s High?  Fulfill your reading and gifting needs at these events:

Saturday, Oct. 15:  I’ll be at the Mount Desert Island Marathon expo from 9am to noon, then I’ll be reading from 4-5PM at the Jesup Memorial Library in Bar Harbor, ME.  Ruth and I are running the MDI Marathon the next day.

Monday, Oct. 24:  Stop by The Burren in Somerville’s Davis Square.  The SRR Monday Night Bur-run starts at 6:45pm, then you can hang around afterwards for free food (for runners) and a book signing.

Thursday, Nov. 10: The SRR Thursday Night run at Casey’s in East Somerville starts at 7:15pm.  Afterwards, there’s free pizza (for runners) and I’ll be there with books.

Start your holiday shopping (and pick something up for yourself) at one of these events!

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