Running, Maine-ly

Ruth and I have been on vacation on Mount Desert Island in Maine for the past few days.  We’ve managed to fit in a little running while we’re here.

On Saturday, I ran in the 5th Great Cranberry Island Ultramarathon, a 50K held on the 2 mile strip that’s the sole road on the island.  I finished 15th, 3rd in my (50-59) age group, in a little over 4:53. (click for pictures) It was sunny and hot, but none of us believe the thermometer on the course that registered 100 in the shade.  It couldn’t have been much over 90.

We’re coming back to MDI in October for the MDI Marathon, so on Friday Ruth ran the last 18 miles of the course as a training run.  Saturday, she spent all day out on GCI helping me.  Then Sunday, back on MDI, Ruth ran 36:09 in the Flamingo Four, part of Southwest Harbor’s Flamingo Festival, and pulled off her first age group win. (more pictures)

Our successes came from following the advice found in Chapter 6 of my book; we got older, and we found small races.  It still feels good!

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