Marshall Ulrich at the Marathon Expo

I got to meet Marshall Ulrich IRL for the first time today.  Marshall was at the Injinji booth at the Boston Marathon Expo to promote his new book, Running on Empty, the story of his amazing 52-day run across America.

Marshall and Ray

We’re both runners and authors, but Marshall’s accomplishments dwarf mine.  Still, Marshall was kind enough to read my book prior to publication, and he called Chasing the Runner’s High “a hard look at the mind of a runner” (read more).

Marshall was there with his friends, Steve and Barbara Shepard, who are helping out on the book tour.

Steve, Marshall, and Barbara

I pre-ordered my copy of Running on Empty last November, but unfortunately it’s not here yet.  I may have to buy a second copy so I can get it signed.  Marshall will be at the Injinji booth all weekend if you want to get yours!

Update:  My copy of Running on Empty arrived Saturday, so I went back to the expo to have Marshall sign it.

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