Choking on the Apple?

A while back, I took a trip to New York along with Doug Fitzgerald.  My story of Doug’s attempt to get stage time at the Gotham Comedy Club has been picked up by Nick Zaino’s Boston comedy blog,

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One thought on “Choking on the Apple?

  • DQ

    As another Boston comic that has watched Doug perform multiple times recently, I can tell you that it’s best that he didn’t share the stage with Gaffigan that night. His material needs A LOT of work before he brings it to the Big Apple. He seems like a genuinely nice guy, I’m sorry the trip was a disappointment, but he’s lucky he didn’t get that exposure too soon. Your article paints him as a bit delusional, with his talk of being on Comedy Central and pining for a show on FX. He should concentrate on a killer five first, then another, then another. Sometimes these things take years. And the way he acted in the club seemed a bit unprofessional.

    If I were him, I’d worry about getting booked at bigger clubs in Boston and letting my rep drift Westward. Going for too much too soon can hurt your career.