A Burnt Offering

I was running along the trail on the Medford side of the Mystic Lakes when I came across what appeared to the remnants of a small ceremony.

I’m not up on religious rituals, but the black candles seem to indicate something satanic.  It wasn’t clear what was sacrificed.  I didn’t see any bones in the ash.  I wonder if the bundle of greenery is some specific herb, or just whatever was lying around?  I’d hate to think they weren’t following proper procedure.

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One thought on “A Burnt Offering

  • Dan Solomon

    it was me but was not a sacrifice–Deb and I had an inmpromptu little romantic dinner in which I whipped up a quick hunter’s stew from herbs I found lakeside and the remains of a well-seasoned dead raccoon– I was gonna come back and clean up but we got distracted by geeses and well, you know how that goes