In their head – In his pocket

“I told the senator that he was pushing too hard.  $5000 was enough for that job.  But the greedy bastard wanted every last penny he could get before he’d put the permit through.  When I had to tell them $10,000 or no deal, I could see that they didn’t like it one bit.  I think that’s when they called in the feds. 

“Now the senator wants me to be “a stand-up guy” and take the heat.  Tell everyone that I was taking the bribes on my own, promising things I couldn’t deliver.  That moron.  Everybody knows I may be a crook, but I’m an honest crook.  If I say something will happen, I mean it.  I don’t have a vote to sell.  My word is the only thing I have, so if I’m not sure I can back up my deals, I don’t make ’em.

“Even if I wanted to take the fall, the feds won’t let me.  They know who I work for.  They don’t want me, they want the senator.    Well, they’re going to get him.  I just have to figure out what’s the best deal I can get for me first.”

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